april, 2: another vegan cakes contest, another liveset!

next sunday, april 2, we will play live during this vegan cakes contest at centro giovanile barcola (trieste). start at 5 pm.
see you there!


october livesets

in october we're going to play three livesets: on october 01 we will play at the ASTAD animal shelter in trieste. on october 16 we will be back at the centro giovanile barcola (trieste) to play during a vegan cakes contest. then on october 23 we will play in piazza hortis (trieste) during "voci in piazza 2016".
see you around!


holidays in the sun?

just a quick note to announce two upcoming shows, both on the seafront...
july 30 we will play for this important event in trieste.
august 18 we will play at "la pineta delle scimmie", in barcola (trieste).
see you there!


march 13: vegan dinner in barcola

sunday march 13 we will play live during the vegan dinner at centro giovanile barcola (trieste)
see you there!


on Veganism and cancelling gigs.

tomorrow's show at TergestEvolution is cancelled.
the event was created to promote veganism and a compassionate lifestyle. usually we are happy to take part in this type of events and we play for free.
in tomorrow's TergestEvolution we have the feeling that not all acts in the lineup are sincerely interested in promoting veganism  - but in some ways the exact opposite - and are taking part just to play in front of a big audience.
no hard feelings towards the event organizers and the other acts, but we prefer to cancel our show.
to each his own.
stay vegan, stay clean.


oct 03... voci in piazza, trieste

next saturday we will play at voci in piazza, an interesting event organized by Naica.
see you in piazza hortis, trieste.
start at 3pm!


oh sweet sweet vegan cakes!

we are going to play during this vegan cakes contest:
see you there!